The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache

(And Other Frightening Tales)

This Video Explains Why In 2014 It’s Socially Unacceptable To Do Anything Anywhere

This is Tumblr social justice warrior community summed up in two minutes and nine seconds.

I hate everyone and everything equally. 

John Paul Jones

I pissed off recruiting command because I had a Congressman’s representative make a phone call to the MEPS on my behalf. The RC himself told a Chief to call me and tell me that I’m not getting in and that’s the end of it. My recruiter had me call the Chief after telling me that no matter what the Chief says, to not give up trying. The Chief was actually pretty cool, he basically reiterated what the RC said about me not having a chance in Hell of enlisting, then when he asked if I had any questions all I could say was that I can’t stop. I can stop trying and I appreciate him taking the time to let me down softly, but that I wouldn’t stop. These are fleet Navy personnel telling me that I’m not eligible for a special warfare program. Fuck you.

If the RC didn’t like being bothered by a Congressman’s rep then he isn’t going to enjoy a phone call from the Congressman himself, I might even have a connection with a second Congressman that can make another call on my behalf. They aren’t going to like it when NSW requests a second opinion on my behalf. I am going to keep bothering them until they let me in; I’m still in this fight.

I’m not stopping because some lazy motherfucker who’s covering his own ass won’t give me the time of day, I’m not letting some nobody tell me that I’m unable to serve my country, I refuse to allow some impotent fuck decide my fate. I’m so fucking tired of this crawling on my hands and bloodied knees uphill bullshit but I have a few good friends and a few good connections that are keeping me in the fight, and I’m not stopping.

I won’t stop because I can’t.

Thigh Abductor aka the “Bad Girl” machine

This changes everything

Team guy checks his 7.62mm M-14 rifle aboard the fleet oiler USNS JOSHUA HUMPHREYS (T-AO-188). Old school badassery.

Team guy checks his 7.62mm M-14 rifle aboard the fleet oiler USNS JOSHUA HUMPHREYS (T-AO-188). Old school badassery.

Keep going.


I have to stop and take things in, describing my surroundings helps me to see more clearly; the process of reflection through expression yields new perspectives. 

The ocean is a cerulean tapestry with diamonds interwoven between living fibers, they roll and shimmer on the surface endlessly beneath the golden sun and a delicate arrangement of cirrus clouds. I can see all the way through to the horizon, a misty haze gives the old illusion of some titanic waterfall at the dark edge of the sea.


Daniel saw him squatting perpetually on some north wall, enduring the storms and terrors of the great faces, a contemptuous eye cocked at his malignant gods. You cannot starve me, he would say to them, more than I’ve always starved—nor cause me greater pain than I’ve always suffered—nor make me any lonelier. And there he would preside forever.

Roger Hubank, North Wall, 1977

I believe that for some of us the central appeal in life is expression, an elemental drive to seek out our purpose, we hope that the success of our endeavors will be determined by superior physical and mental strength alone, dispensing with anything else that could get in the way of our triumph. If only it were that simple.

The path is often impeded by men outside of the ring, our victory becomes a source of speculation for them to judge without ever having to set foot in the arena themselves. Setbacks ignite a fearless rage within our hearts and our resolve is hardened. In the face of adversity we cry, “We are not done yet”, and continue walking the razor’s edge despite difficulty, discontentment, and doubt. 

I have to believe that if you fight for something hard enough it will become an answered orison, that the victory will equal the pain you’ve gone through.


My 96 Land Rover Discovery is overheating. The engine runs fine, totally smooth, I’m not even getting a rough idle, no white smoke. Temp gauge shoots through the rough on inclines but will quickly drop on flat roads. Going to check my thermostat because I recently had the radiator replaced, if that’s fine then it’s probably going to be a shitty cylinder or unless my luck changes, a slipped sleeve. 

I’m too poor for this.

"what does your tattoo mean?"

It means I wanted it so I fucking got it

I’ve been seeing this reblogged quite a bit. A guy I know was dating this girl and she decides one day that she’s going to get her first tattoo; I like tattoos, I love tattoos, so when they invite me to come along I’m all in. We get to the parlor and it seems like an alright place and she’s all excited and the artists and her are talking, I can’t really hear what’s being said though. A short while later the artist holds up a stenciled picture of the Hello Kitty logo and she gives final approval. I told my friends I was gonna be outside. He first tattoo was the Hello Kitty logo on her wrist. Why? Because she thought it was cute.

Just because you paid $15 for “It means I wanted it so I fucking got it” tattooed just above your ass crack next to Tinker Bell rising from a blurry flower doesn’t mean it doesn’t look fucking stupid.